pamela fox

who am I?

I am a human that likes to learn, teach, and create.

I'm currently a volunteer in Berkeley CS classes, thanks to the TEALS program.

In my past lives, I've...

  • Started up the engineering team at Woebot, a friendly chatbot that teaches Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help regulate your moods.
  • Attended a 4 month Tibetan Buddhism retreat to learn techniques for relaxation, meditation, and emotional transformation.
  • Created the computing curriculum for Khan Academy and coded the platform to deliver it.
  • Founded the GirlDevelopIt SF chapter and created much of its CC-licensed curriculum.
  • Written oodles of code for Coursera, as its 2nd frontend engineer.
  • Worked in both Google Mountain View & Google Australia, doing developer relations for the Maps API and Wave APIs.
  • Been a bachelors & masters student in the USC Computer Science Department, with minors in 3d Animation + Linguistics.
want to contact me?
  • If you would like me to speak at a conference, please know that I say no to most requests, as I quite enjoy being at home with my partner, cat, and the local friendly squirrels. I'm most likely to say yes to local events, events with younger audiences, and events where my partner is paid to attend with me.
  • If you'd like to report a bug or a feature request with the Khan Academy platform, please use KA ZenDesk.

If you're still keen on sending me a message after reading that, go for it! My gmail address is exactly what you'd expect it to be 😊.

where am I on the web?