pamela fox

who am I?

I am a human that likes to learn, teach, and create.

I'm currently CTO at Woebot, where we're creating a friendly chatbot that teaches Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to help you regulate your mood and energy levels better.

In my past lives, I've...

want to contact me?
  • If you would like me to speak at an event, please know that I say no to most requests, as I quite enjoy being at home with my cats and my code. I prefer local events, events with younger audiences, and events where my partner is paid to attend with me.
  • If you'd like to report a bug or a feature request with the Khan Academy platform, please use KA ZenDesk.

If you're still keen on sending me a message after reading that, go for it! You can use this form.

where am I on the web?