pamela fox

who am I?

Fantastic question, Sir/Madam/Undecided!

I am a human that likes to learn, teach, and create.

I'm currently in a 4 month Tibetan Buddhism retreat, learning techniques for relaxation, meditation, and emotional transformation.

In my past lives, I've...

  • Founded a company with my partner that puts on events in the bay area to bring people together for genuine fun and deep connection.
  • Created the computing curriculum for Khan Academy and coded the platform to deliver it.
  • Founded the GirlDevelopIt SF chapter and created much of its CC-licensed curriculum.
  • Written oodles of code for Coursera, as its 2nd frontend engineer.
  • Worked in both Google Mountain View & Google Australia, doing developer relations for the Maps API and Wave APIs.
  • Been a bachelors & masters student in the USC Computer Science Department, with minors in 3d Animation + Linguistics.
want to contact me?
  • If you'd like to report a bug or a feature request with the Khan Academy platform, please use ZenDesk, since I am no longer a KA engineer.
  • If you would like me to give a talk, please keep in mind that I'm not actively coding right now so I have no hot-topic technical talks for you, and since I do not have an employer that can pay for my travel or time off, I have to say no to most requests.

If you're still keen on sending me a message after reading all that, go for it! You can use this form.

where am I on the web?